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Learn to develop a business idea with market demand.

    1. Welcome to create YOUR success story! Find your business with market demand.

    2. How to use this course

    3. Before we begin...

    1. Module #1 Motivation - Overview

    2. How do you find your "Zone of Genius"?

    3. Activity: 7 Level Deep

    4. How to hack happy chemicals?

    1. Module #2 Create Your Product idea - Overview

    2. Describe your solution for a customer problem and find the first keywords

    3. Introduction to creativity methods and what happen during the ideation process (Bonus)

    4. 1.) Start with Brainssworming method (Bonus)

    5. 2.) Now sort your ideas with the COCD Box method (Bonus)

    6. 3.) Deepen your sorted ideas with the PPCO method (Bonus)

    1. Module #3 Introduction I - Find Your Ideal Customer and learn the language of your Customer

    2. Module #3 Introduction II and Customer Journey

    3. Describe your ideal customer

    4. Learn the language of your customer - Keyword search (Google) - automatic suggestions

    5. Search your customer on Facebook (Optional) to learn his language and problems

    6. Search your customer on LinkedIn (Optional) to learn his language and problems

    7. Search your customer on Quora (Optional) to learn his language and problems

    8. How to find the right keyword terms with "Answerthepublic" ? Additional see what other are asking for.

    1. Module #4 Introduction - Proof Market Demand with an Online Test

    2. Make your Global Amazon Test with your product idea and keywords and check if there is demand

    3. Get an impression of your potential market size with the help of Google Trends

    4. Market Requirements: Fade, Evergreen and Enthusiast Market

    5. Factor ten rule - always keep in mind!

    6. Exercise Keyword Test: Final Market Requirement Test

    7. Summarization and validation of your Keyword assessment

    8. Why do you need competitor? Do not fall for the following myths!

    9. What does your competitor?

    1. Module #5 Introduction: Define the outcome for your customer

    2. Important Exercise: Ask your client what he wants!

    3. Define the outcome for your customer and finally your product

    4. A fast and simple method to outline your knowledge !

    5. ESSENTIAL EXCERCISE - DO NOT SKIP: How to outline your product?

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