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    2. A message from the instructor Petchprakai (Nett) Sirilertsuwan

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    5. Schedule Athens - Course Overview for downloading

    1. Athen: Sustainable and Renewable Energy Future

    1. Status of FC Passenger Cars

    1. Hydrogen - World Markets, Companies, Supply Chains for a dangerous Product?

    1. Business/Product Life Cycle: Factors, Performance, and Life Cycle Thinking

    2. Download: Life Cycle- Determinants in Table 6 and Table A1 & Life Cycle- Exhibit 1 Strategic Variables

    1. Introduction to Creativity and three methods

    2. Testing your market demand online - Press download and read the PDF

    3. Design Thinking - Dschool Starter Kit

    4. Innovation Management - Introduction

    5. Innovation Culture - Introduction

    6. QUIZ: Do you know what lateral thinking is?

    7. Innovation & Lateral Thinking - Examples

    8. Tool: Measuring the Innovation Potential of a Company

    9. Quiz: Measuring Innovation

    10. What is a good velocity for Innovation for a mature high tech company?

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